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  1. Blake Whitman

    Blake Whitman Alum Brooklyn/The World


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    gentleman/explorer. I used to work at Vimeo, now I am a mere mortal again. I am currently exploring the world with my better half, telling stories and capturing life on this crazy planet of ours. You can follow along at http://asenseofplace.co

  2. Karen Abad

    Karen Abad Plus San Francisco, CA


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    I still love Dinosaurs. I like to connect with people and love them as they deserve to be loved. I like to collect moving images. [ i believe in you ] Pleasantness: dinosaurs construction paper vimeo bicycles robots snuggles snail mail feeling infinite honesty love synthesizers typewriters kites sharks clouds moon selflessness. *NOTE:…

  3. Tânia Duarte

    Tânia Duarte Miramar/Porto


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    Tânia Duarte Born in the city of Espinho, in the year of 1976; With a Bachelor’s in Communication Design, by the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Porto, Tânia has been developing, through the last twelve years, several activities in the fields of animation video and cinema,…

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