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The way I see it there are too kinds of people in the world: the ones who believe in unicorns and the ones who are idiots. If you like Voxels' music you are neither of them, which automatically makes you special.

Wondering around their Magical Audio Unicorn studio you can't help yourself but thinking we're dealing with two leprechauns with a tendency to collect anything irrelevantly kitsch. Instead of buying a yellow convertible they waste their money on samplers, analog synthesizers and sequencers.

I guess no-one ever told them that a Ferrari get's you laid, a Moog doesn't. This nearly autistic hoarder behavior can only be justified by the mighty bass that make the walls tremble or the beauty of the music that floats down the speakers like no horse has ever done to Cicciolina. Hefner himself is thinking of hiring the bachelors as official knicker droppers at "the" mansion.

Steve Angello you'd better start mixing instead of clapping hands 'cause these juggernauts can actually work around the booth (or at least they hire very small pygmies to do the job for them). They fuse into some sort of four harmed beast and you'd better pay your respect and face the music 'cause there's no way around it: the basterds have got you held in a electronical stronghold.

There certainly is more to Voxels than what meets the eye. The guys over at Top Billin and Enchufada have already seen the light. What are you waiting for? There's no messiah coming for you...

André "Monsta" Carvalho

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