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The Wandas who have called Boston their home since they originated out of the Berklee College of Music dorms a few years back, sought international assistance in creating their latest LP: New Wave Blues. The Wandas looked to the indie rock Mecca; Montreal Quebec and teamed with producer Patrick Krief, most known for being the guitarist for the Montreal indie rock band The Dears. 
“When I first heard the song demos I knew right away that this album would be a major label’s dream. I had to be a part of this project”, Krief explains.The Wandas have made it their personal mission to make mainstream music hip again. “Growing up we listened to the classics, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Who; these guys were the mainstream of their time and they were hands down the most badass acts around.” Ross Lucivero, bassist of The Wandas explains.
Today the airwaves are saturated with the works of the American Idol generation where much of the music is viewed as being mass-produced and void of substance. The Wandas have created an album that incorporates contagious hooks and rich harmonies; while maintaining their indie integrity. The band is a rock quartet (2 guitars, bass, and drums) but they didn’t let their size hold them back. All of the songs were completed to their fullest potential; incorporating live strings, horns, percussion and various synthesizers when needed. The songs have an epic feel a la The Arcade Fire but remnants of their classic rock roots are evident with Lennon-esque vocals and McCartney influenced melodies. The sound is no coincidence. New Wave Blues was mastered by Ryan Morey, who also mastered The Arcade Fire’s Funeral and producer Patrick Krief is on the books as a huge fan of The Beatles.
The Wandas are currently touring the US independently in support of New Wave Blues.

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