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We are Ayelen Liberona and Joseph Johnson-Camí, a filmmaking partnership based out of Toronto and
Barcelona. Our feature-documentary A Grain of Sand (2009) fought and won the battle to preserve
Brendon Grimshaw’s Moyenne Island in Seychelles, making it the smallest National Park in the world.
Our “visually arresting”(LA Times) short film Becoming (2009) won us numerous awards and more
importantly, taught us to let our imaginations move and flow. Our short documentary Keepers of the
Water (2010) was our attempt to bring some humanity to the issues surrounding the devastation being
caused by the Alberta Oil Sands exploitation. It won the 2011 Mark Haslam Award at Planet in Focus
and was nominated to both the Best Emerging Filmmaker & Public Award at the 2010 Toronto
International Film Festival. Our recent works include the feature-documentary Tales from the G20
(2011), which premiered at Cinema Politica in Montreal, and the upcoming short dance film The Shift
(2013) starring Margie Gillis. In 2012, the world did not end and our work was rewarded with the
prestigious KM Hunter Award. To us, creativity is one of the most beautiful gifts life has to offer and as
creators, we want to do that gift justice by making films that are a celebration of life and a force for
positive social change.

jrjc.info | AyelenLiberona.com

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