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The Wilderness is a creative design practice specializing in motion graphics, animation & live-action. Simply put, we make motion graphics with our hands. Because when a story begins with something you can touch, it's almost guaranteed to have substance. We employ a multi-disciplinary process to commercials, music videos, film titles and art installations that gets machines out of the way in favor of our creative vision and deft touch. Our process leads to work with realism, humanity, and depth. This isn’t about believability. It’s about substance and craft. 

The Wilderness works with color, light, space and motion. This approach draws on the fine arts and visual effects backgrounds of founders Gabe Imlay and Juliet Rios. Together The Wilderness has produced powerful campaigns for leading brands that include: Ad Council, American Express, Brahma, Chase, Coca-Cola, Dominos, History, Kraft, mentor, MTV, Puma, Reebok, Target, Verizon, VH1 and Walmart. The success of these campaigns is in part informed by the creative collaborations, direction and design of music videos for such artists as Seun Kuti, Passion Pit, Antipop Consortium, Gordon Voidwell, The Antlers and most recently The Juan MacLean's single "A Simple Design", newly released on DFA records. If you have a project that seems like a natural fit, lets talk. In person. For real. Stay tuned 2015.

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