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Everyone knows of their accomplishments, but no one actually knows who “THEY” are. So who are “THEY”? “THEY” are the innovator and scientist, the architect and doctor, the director and designer. “THEY” are a DaVinci and a Tesla. “THEY” are the cure for cancer and the search for life. “THEY” are the creative minds that wield the power to change the world.

Based upon the classic structure, “THEY” are an elite guild of multi-faceted media artists. This group forms a creative hydra with a diverse range of skills and talents, the collective is comprised of designers, filmmakers, photographers, writers, musicians, inventors and artisans of every nature.

We work for and with others like us. “THEY” design specialize in all forms of graphic design and animation for other creative groups. We create posters for films, websites for animators, T-Shirts for bands, and business cards for photographers. Our clients become a part of us, and we of them. We all work together, our reach growing exponentially as we seek to improve the world aesthetically and actually.

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