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Exploring Language and Green Technologies

Zonji, to any person the word means nothing, but to one country it holds so much meaning that it can barely be described from the common man.

That one word is Knowledge.

To have knowledge shows that you exist, and to exist is the one thing we humans have going for us.

Without existence we are nothing.

Therefore, David Hancock and Alex Pryor are here to fulfill their humanitarian obligation to not only Japan but to the world.

These two’s dedication and work has led to their inclusion in the non-profit group TheZonji.

Which helps TheZonji realize aspects of their international mission for peace, language and community development in Japan, and sustainable agro-business using green technology all around the world.

Whether the message be brought from Fashion , Language , Online Networking or any other form of multi-media all of these are an intrinsic part of TheZonji’s work, and their sonorous vibrations are addictive and powerful.

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