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It all starts with an idea. You’re a client with a vision, a problem, a need, a goal.

We start by working with you to discover your project parameters: you may have a site, might own or license an intellectual property, or have a goal to attract a certain demographic or fulfill an educational criteria. You might simply have a vision to build something great.

With your goals in mind, we plan a strategic road map for your project. It’s not just about coming up with a big idea. It’s understanding how that idea will service your project parameters, and coming up with an idea that can actually be built.

We partner with you to find out what will make your brand and your vision grow.

Experience Design, Location-Based Entertainment, Live Entertainment, Touring Shows, Educational Exhibits, Transmedia, Animation, Digital Experiences, Theme Parks, Themed Entertainment, Museums, Museum Exhibits, Attractions, Branded Experiences

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