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Greetings from the people that brought you Black Code Thursdays, Drag Strip Thursdays, Augusta Got Talent, Monday night live, and a line of other event collaborations through out new york to augusta, goergia and surrounding cities. 3rd Eye Marketing Firm and Associates have an amazing earning opportunity for you!

My name is Carlton Berry. I am the founder and CEO of 3rd Eye Marketing Firm. We have been in business for over 6 years. From uptop down to the dirty! I started out helping dj’s set up there equipment at most of the hot spots in strong island (Long Island) New York. I have had the opportunity to work with many Dj’s, Artists, Promoters, Event Coordinators, and Club Owners! Dj Tom laroc, Dj Makin Noise, dj Smooth Denali, Dj Quet, Dj Teeo, and many more! Seeing them inspired me to start my own entertainment business now known as 3rd Eye Marketing Firm. My original focus was trying to help local artists come up while collaborating with (Sport Jones) In Da Streets promotions, (Big H) In Da Streets TV and MIBI Ent.. (another successful venture sold 800,000 copies of a dvd production in Europe), (S-ON) Oscar Da Grouch etc.. We branched out with club promotions for molly blooms (hot club spot located in long island new york) also executive produced along with (Adante Ace) Ace of Spade Ent. (promoter for JAY-Z) On the Club Speed Unsigned Artist Hype CD release! After relocation to New Port News, Virginia I began collaborations with Mar & G one of the hottest hip hop artist duo’s I have heard in a long time. In lue becoming an executive director for an independent label. 3rd Eye Marketing Firm (thirdeyeny) has been going strong for some time now with God leading the way. Currently in North Augusta, South Carolina doing our thing promoting thru out the CSRA while still keeping it perculating uptop!

3rd Eye Marketing Firm is a production and marketing company that helps new and upcoming artists learn the business. We also have a few up and coming talents. 3rd Eye Marketing Firm has collaborated with names like Blue Marley, Dj Teeo, Pimpzilla, Nicki Nicole , Big Maine- Mr Crown Royal Bag. 3rd Eye Marketing Firm also has alliances with with Triggerman Dj’s, Purple Bag Ent. , I Clear Photos, CSRA Events, Ruthless Sound & Lighting, Club Life, and many more! We assisted with promotions for (DS Ent.) As you can see these associations have proven to be useful in our successful ventures.

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