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Thirteen Moons Recordings is a record label company created in 2010 to promote the development and creativity of the music industry within the global community. Just like the label’s evolution, with a surprising dynamic force, we create sounds of vanguard and of very high audit quality, making each of our releases unique.

The label’s artists always create fresh and revolutionary sounds, thus accomplishing and leaving behind the boundaries of electronic music and taking their tracks to another level.

The label seeks to develop and boost the talent of the artists in order to commercialize and promote their music through a wide range of formats and platforms; discovers, develops and manages composers copyrighted from musical compositions to use in recordings and related uses such as remixes, live performances, advertisements, movies and the internet. 


To create high quality products aided by the technology and the tools necessary to achieve its marketing in any part of the world, our mission is to promote the development of music and professional artists, in order to meet the needs of the industry and its targeted audience.


We will be capable of identifying the needs and expectations of customers taking into account the impact of new technologies and the emergence of new market conditions. By creating a high-level business structure we can compete with any demanding industry and be one of the most representative record label companies at a global level.

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