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BANDIT are cultural anthropologists.

A group that examine, analyse and report on modern culture.

A hybrid mix of Planning, Strategy, Insights and Creative.

Our expertise is based on world class understanding of target audiences, the world they live in and the issues that affect them.

BANDIT creates bespoke solutions that are designed to show how to capture an audience’s attention and ignite their passion.

We have worked with organisations/brands such as Carlsberg, adidas, Nokia, Nestea and Pepsi Co.

The strength of our work lies within our network of over 7000
people worldwide that we enjoy a unique relationship with.

Our ability to unearth up to the minute accurate information about what inspires, depresses and moves audiences is based on our
intimate, longstanding ties with them.


Industry insider have described BANDIT as ‘hybrids, and the future of the marketing communications industry’.

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