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Our goal is to present the sport of fly fishing from an angle that we feel has been ignored by the publications that are currently available to the fly fishing audience. This Is Fly Magazine appeals to not only those who have spent most of their lives fishing, but also to the growing numbers of youth that are now populating this growing sport. We aim to provide the stellar fishing content: from captivating photography and video to in-depth reviews of both popular and yet-unknown excursions. Our fresh approach -- featuring vibrant imagery, engaging music, and interviews with related artists -- targets the newest blood while engaging the most hardened fly fishing
professional. While touching on other related outdoor sports such as surfing, climbing, and biking This Is Fly is all about Fly Fishing.

This fresh approach has had us featured by Ralph Lauren, Outside Magazine and Gear Patrol.
This Is Fly is a bi-monthly publication but, to ensure readers are continually engaged and returning to our site, we offer a regularly updated social presence through our blog and Facebook sites. Each new issue will be released and offered to our readers for FREE. While other online publications have decided to charge readers for a subscription, we feel that our FREE platform will allow us to see our audience continually grow,


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