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Los Angeles, CA

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This is a collection of recent work I have Directed, Edited, Shot, and/or Color Corrected. See the description accompanying each video.

If you would like to hire me, send me an email at or call 330.283.8709


  1. Prairie Dog Films
  2. Brent Adams
  3. Brett Pawlak
  4. Timber Caitlyn Hoy
  5. Kyle Tye
  6. Teri Reeves
  7. lulu brud
  8. Chanon Finley
  9. Jamieson
  10. Danny Yount
  11. Adam Rose
  12. Aaron Huisman
  13. Ecclesia Hollywood
  14. Tory Nelson
  15. Kevin Leo Rohr
  16. dan krauss
  17. Kristina Mickahail
  18. Honeychild Film

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