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  1. 01:23:24

    Bunhouse Videos

    by Chris Koelsch

    12 Videos

    All content relating to Bunhouse Films

  2. 09:35

    Flabongo Nation

    by Chris Koelsch

    2 Videos

    Live music from the band, Flabongo Nation https://www.facebook.com/FlabongoNation?ref=ts&fref=ts

  3. 09:54

    MeanMug 'n Slim

    by Chris Koelsch

    16 Videos

    A cartoon series loosely based on the life of my girlfriend and I.

  4. 00:00


    by Chris Koelsch

    1 Video

    The Dream Team's video diary

  5. 07:05

    HD GoPro

    by Chris Koelsch

    5 Videos

    All shot with an HD GoPro

  6. 00:00


    by Chris Koelsch

    0 Videos

    Short video portraits

  7. 17:34


    by Chris Koelsch

    19 Videos

    Anything shot on a Canon DSLR

  8. 00:00

    Barbie Video Girl

    by Chris Koelsch

    5 Videos

    Videos made with the Barbie Video Girl

  9. 34:53


    by Chris Koelsch

    62 Videos

  10. 00:00

    Firework Experimentation

    by Chris Koelsch

    3 Videos

    Various uses of fireworks in video.

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