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Thomas was born the 15th august 1985 in Nîmes. He studied cinema in Montpellier and Lyon and turned quickly to documentary flm on musical themes and directed "Klezmer de Guerilla" in 2009. In 2011, during a training at the Observatorio de Cine, a school in Buenos Aires, he directed a poetic essay about the water presence in the city "Sudor Seco" who has been selected in many international Festivals as London or Santiago de Chile. Together with Trabouloscope, he developed a documentary serie on the web "En Travaux" about a particular district of Lyon. He directed Rio Klezmer in 2012, (best documentary - ville de Lyon) a musical documentary who plays with the strange beauty of the city of Buenos Aires to express this east european jewish musical language. Thomas is now writing a road-movie film around the work of the light sculptor Serge Petit : Along the shining ways.

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