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Since taking my first Communications Technology course in high school, I've known that I wanted to pursue a career in videography. However at the time, I was also committed to pursuing my love of competitive speedskating. After moving from my hometown of Belleville, Ontario to Calgary to train at the Olympic Oval, I suffered an illness that swiftly ended my speedskating journey.

After applying to the Radio Television Broadcast News (RTBN) program at SAIT Polytechnic in 2005, I graduated two years later with honours, specializing in videography. While still attending SAIT, I had completed a three-week internship at CKPG TV in Prince George and several months after graduating, the news director called me and offered me an available position as a ENG/EFP cameraman. For two years, I honed my videography skills shooting daily news, editing footage, and pulling feeds from other networks.

Moving to Edmonton and working remotely for Zoom offered me a chance to showcase my sports coverage on national network working with The Score Television Network. As well, I was given creative liberties shooting local human interest pieces for another client, Telus TV.

After almost two years, a position was offered to me working out of Zoom's head office in Calgary. Moving back I acquired more responsibilities as their new Director of Photography. In addition to my client shoots, I was also responsible for the maintenance, preparation, and inventory of camera kits and gear for the rotating freelancers. When Telus TV's community programming was picked up by Spotlight Productions, I was offered a position to continue working for my long-term client.

More recently, I have been exploring all types of videography projects, from documentaries to music videos to wedding videography and it's been a blast being able to tell stories through my work and do what I love each day.


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