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Thomas was dropped off in a banana basket somewhere in the seagull & barnacle ridden docks of the Brooklyn Navy Yard a little over 40 years ago.
Legend has it that he was born from the drunken love romp of a drifting Native American Indian gypsy lady & Grey-stoke Orangutan tramp.
Conceived in the Brooklyn Botanical gardens, on top a aging Eucalyptus tree, swiped up and stolen by a half blind and full blow mad hatter stork, he miraculously escaped near certain death just minutes after his birth.
It is said that the kidnapper stork collided head on with a 727 Jumbo jet after having a lucid hallucination that he was the feathery personification of Don Quixote and the jet's propulsion turbines, windmill giants that he must obliterate for the love of his Dulcinea del Toboso.
Thomas's childhood is relatively obscure, cloaked in secrecy, the only remnant clues are littered with visual and literary vandalism, innocent photographs as well as unbridled erotica, spray paint, ink projects and delusional poetic prose.
He acquired a shine-job by the King's County Kitty Kat and had ultra fast lenses adopted for eyes to give him the edge in astral photography.
A middleweight boxer with heavyweight pounding fists accompanied with the speed and agility of a bantamweight he coordinates hours of shooting pleasure with various scrapped together bits n pieces of elaborately crafted Franken modified camera body parts which is tailor suited to his eclectic yet demented cinematic frame as well as his uncanny aesthetic for the beautifully bizarre.

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BioKinesiology Ba, MA.

Sports Sciences Bs, MS.

Physical Therapy Bs, MS.

PICP Level 1 International Coach

BioSignature Level 1 & 2 Practitioner

BioSpectral Applied Kinesiology Muscle Specialist

Structural Balance Upper and Lower Extremity Specialist

Myofacial Release & Massage Therapy Specialist

International Congress Of Sport Medicine

International Council of Orthopedic Medicine

Consultant for the 2004 Olympics, 2008 Olympics

A.R.T. Certified Practioner

B.A.S.E Jumper



Mixed Martial Arts Fighter



Cameraman - Shooter - Cinematography

Proud Father

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