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London, United Kingdom

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Hello, I’m Tom and I make videos!

What sort of videos?

TV shows, Web shows, Mobile clips, long videos, short videos, funny ones, emotional ones, entertaining ones, corporate ones, loud ones, quiet ones - there’s quite a range, and all in glorious HD!

What are you up to at the moment?

Most recently I have been an editor for Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother for Channel 5 in the UK, cutting hundreds of hours of reality television into the polished highlights package you see on TV. Previous to that I was VT Producer for the BAFTA TV Awards 2014 and I've even done the BAFTA Film awards the year before that. I have also been responsible for the online content for high profile TV brands such as The Voice UK, The X Factor and The Apprentice.
I also love to make music content and have worked a lot with the amazing guys at Lemonade Money and VEVO to shoot, edit and sometimes direct performances and interviews with a wide range of music acts.

How did that happen then?

From graduating Leeds University in 2003 with a BA in Broadcasting, I started my TV career at CBBC's iconic flagship magazine show Blue Peter, then later worked for BBC Switch, their (now defunct) teen content department for 3 years and contributed in one way or another to over 500 live editions of ‘The 5:19 Show’ as well as teen drama (The Cut), news (Revealed) and factual programming.

I am now freelance and up for hire and have worked with a really interesting and diverse client base since leaving the BBC in March 2011 and hope it’ll continue that way.

Why do people choose you to make videos with?

I guess I am a ‘digital native’. I suppose that's a fancy way of saying that I know what it takes to succeed both on and off line, and can produce the best content for whatever the audience happens to be. I actively embrace new technology to tell an amazing story, whether that be for television, the internet or some new form of media not even invented yet!

I can both film something beautifully and edit it to broadcast standard, plus once it’s done I know how to promote it online so it gets great views (or hits!) and exposure. This joined up approach makes me reliable, and affordable for people to start creating the content they always wanted to make, but didn’t always have the chance to.

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