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    by Álvaro de la Herrán

    143 Videos / 5,454 Followers

    This is a totally independent channel for fashion films. Sorry, we can not take personal messages, but we are happy to see your film if it is published in the "Shout Box". Enjoy the…

  2. Simulations

    by Remo Gee

    223 Videos / 911 Followers

    This channel features all kinds of 3d simulations and FX R&D projects! Fluids, liquids, cloth or particle based simulations as well as cool dynamic or rigged sim stuff. Feel free to shout out…

  3. Creative Coding

    by Interhacktive

    1,031 Videos / 474 Followers

    Creative coding and interactive art.

  4. PFTrack

    by The Pixel Farm Ltd

    31 Videos / 175 Followers

    Whether you’re an expert or finding your feet using our award-winning match-moving software, you’ll find hints, tips, and tutorials for PFTrack here. Specific features of PFTrack are…

  5. Progression Based Effectors

    by douwe

    7 Videos / 116 Followers

    This Channel showcases new Cinema 4D Mograph Effectors based on the "Progression" concept. ===> If you store values for properties of MoGraph clones to use at a later point in time,…

  6. Morphogenetic Creations

    by Andy Lomas

    7 Videos / 80 Followers

    Digitally generated work by Andy Lomas, exploring how complex emergent structures can be created by rules that simulate growth processes. For more detailed information check out my website at http://www.andylomas.com

  7. CGWTF

    by Alan Warburton

    165 Videos / 44 Followers

    A collection of artists experiments in moving image CG and 3D animation. http://www.cgwtf.com

  8. Draft Packs Premium Sportswear

    by Draft Packs

    32 Videos / 3 Followers

    The #1 Pick in Premium Sportswear. Legends Only. www.DraftPacks.com SHOP: www.ShopDraftPacks.com Twitter: @DraftPacks Instagram: @draftpacks Tumblr: DraftPacks.tumblr.com LIKE US at Facebook.com/DraftPacks

  9. WIP

    by Thomas Traum

    25 Videos / 1 Follower

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