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Collecting the Worlds most Decadent and Luxury Filled Haute Couture Superdolls or The Sybarties have made one "designer disease" turn into a life loving Designer Doll.
Thom Collins exposed to HIV in 1983 lives with AIDS today shares a plethora of candid topics asking for others viewpoints in a open honest discussion and/or debate in social sexual and political differences.
Okay third person description can give the illusion of importance. Vimeo and I have had a "CA-RAy-ZY" relationship over many years. Never ashamed to show my lowest and highest moments, pun intended. From my 1997 MTV debut show True Life, to showing my rock bottom which just happened to include a transsexual and special K on a bathroom floor. Looking forward to sharing time lapse photos/videos of my beloved Dolls the Sybarites and many others.

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