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THOR stands for "Thermohaline Overturning – at Risk?". THOR is a project addressing the call ”Stability of the ThermoHaline Circulation/THC” within the activity “Climate Change, Policy and Risks” of the EU FP7 Programme (2007-2013). The project was launched in December 2008 and foresees the cooperation of 20 higher educational and research institutions of 9 European countries over four project years. The overall activities are coordinated by the Institute of Oceanography at University of Hamburg.

During the project life cycle, the project will establish an operational system that will monitor and forecast the development of the North Atlantic THC on decadal time scales, and assess its stability, and the risk of a breakdown in a changing climate. Through the assimilation of systematic oceanic observations at key locations into ocean circulation models, the project will provide a set of geo-observational products that will be used to forecast the development of the system using global coupled ocean-atmosphere models.

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