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THO-SO-AA - Dark Experimental Music from Germany!

THO-SO-AA was formed as a sideproject of Aadom/Christbearing Forms in 1995 by Lutz Rach. It means THe Other Side Of AAdom. With this project, the way was free to create dark soundscapes for dark people. You can describe it as dark experimental music.

The first tape Enrielle was released on Art-Konkret and became very successfull. So the first CD Epoch pt.1 was released just one year later. Till Minus, Art-Konkret was the Label for all THO-SO-AA releases.

In 2007 THO-SO-AA begun his powerful partnership with Tesco. The first CD was named “Identify” and is nearly sold out. For 2013, the first double CD Sleeping Explorer is coming on Tesco with a playtime of more than 100 minutes. This will be probably the final document of creating dark soundscapes for dark people.


Every CD has a unique concept but of course, there are no borders for listening, so you can think and feel what you want.

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