Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

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Héctor Belloc, a.k.a. bElllOC is Thrill STATION
Eroticism and Pleasures: Spaces, Forms and Illusions.

Inspired by electronic sounds from the past century combined with his physical closeness to the assembly line and the factory, Héctor Belloc creates captivating images and structures that seduce us to question "Where the emotion resides in, the human being or art?" He is a fanatic of dualism and dialectic ideas; He mixes the information to create an eugenesis full of contradictions or integration, depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Héctor Belloc , a.k.a. bElllOC , was born in 1973 in Guadalajara (México). He studied at Centro Universitario de Artes, Arquitectura y Diseño , at the University of Guadalajara; majored in industrial design, and minored in sculpture, photography, painting, drawing and video films. His professional career has also embraced advertising, interior design and concept development.

Hector began his career following the prescribed path, but chose instead to educate himself in a multidisciplinary method, following where art took him.

bElllOC , Héctor explores his last name, which means "a beautiful place" in Catalan, and supported by the image "III" the Roman symbol for the number 3, a number that accompanies his existence because his grandparents called him "The third" for the reason that his father and grandfather have the same name.

He defines himself as a conceptual fetishist. His work is focused on the sensory and emotional states that exist within the human mind. Which he does by using subconscious “mirrors” derived from his primal artistic drawings to concepts of hollow industrial consciousness, transmitted to him through scenes from everyday life, fashion, advertising, and not least of all, visual erotic input.

Text by Robert Erickson


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