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The Through Her Eyes Project is dedicated to using multimedia to create a global movement to bring awareness and support to women’s sports around the world. Through Her Eyes profiles athletes of all ages and abilities to showcase women’s voices and their collective experiences of what they gain from participation in sports and the challenges they face in pursuing a space to play. Through Her Eyes produces traveling exhibitions of the profiles of these women, comprised of photographs and documentaries, to encourage women to play, increase funding for women’s sports and create opportunities for women to get in the game both on and off the field. Through Her Eyes works with local organizations to create, organize and fund lasting opportunities for women to play sports in year round leagues.


The goal of the Through Her Eyes Project is:
- to produce a visual record of the benefits of including sports in the lives of women around the world through the creation of exhibitions of photographs and documentaries.
- to promote, encourage and expand the image of women who play sports to encourage women and others who may not believe in the power of sport in opening doors to other opportunities and benefits.
- to establish a lasting opportunity for women to be involved in sports in their communities by pairing with local organizations to launch sports leagues.
- to increase the number of women playing and benefiting from sports.
- to create a forum and community, both in the real world and online, for women around the world to interact and share their experiences.

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