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I'm a storyteller for businesses, and my corporate clients have pulled me into movie-making. Broadly, I conceive and produce four kinds of films, all aimed at business people: confidential one-to-one interviews with clients and others about the pain and pleasure of working with a company; short-sharp-sixty-to-seventy-five-second smartphone animated movies that make a commercial point in a single image or drama; conventional business stories; and animations on themes used to galvanise conversations. I'm also interested in making documentaries in business settings.

My work as storyteller led me to co-create This One's 4 Ruby, a storytelling platform for a family in my community, whose daughter (actually the same age as my own) is recovering from brain injury after surviving a near-fatal heart attach at school. Working on this project led me back into telling stories and making movies for people beyond business settings.

As a Fellow of the RSA, I was delighted to make a successful movie called "Collaborative Consumption" for the RSA/Nominet Trust Film Competition. While not shortlisted, the movie went viral and continues to receive plays from the Peer2Peer community.

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