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Thunders of Wrath is an American rock band. Described as "old school rules with a new-fangled yet reverent rock swagger". Others have said "refreshingly classic". To put it simply, we make rock music, it's who we are, it's what we love and it's what we do.

School chums Mason Flippin and Cooper Farris form the rhythm core, meeting in junior high and growing up together as musicians. Guitarist Joe Papen joins in January 2012, new rock grooves are formed, and Tom Vekakis auditions for vocals in August 2012.

Ages 20-22, all residing the greater Seattle area, currently making records and playing shows to audiences along the west coast.

We strive for a sound that is timeless, yet always in the moment... all-killer, no-filler, rock grooves that don't need to be described with a special subcategory, hash-tag, or era.

Released first EP - The Grand Alliance in August, 2013, available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other digital services, and in our favorite indie record stores all across the pacific NW.

Music Video for "Lighting the Lantern", Nov 2013 on YouTube (SD), Vimeo (HD) and Facebook.

Currently recording full length album, playing shows in the Pacific NW.


  1. Antonios Papantoniou
  2. Eli Sasich
  3. olan collardy
  4. Keith Schofield

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  1. We got out prototype put together yesterday and it's working very well. We made a couple alterations based on some of your feedback and a couple more we came up with in testing and I think it's a winner. Video later this week!
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  3. We're just a rock band trying to figure out how to be artists in the 21st century. Thank you so much for breaking down these concepts, very helpful.
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