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First- I'm an identical twin. From the time I was 8 yrs old I swam competitively along with my two-sisters and brother (I was the butterfly stroke guy). Little time to get into trouble. I also played the drums in a band with my twin-brother and a couple schoolmates.

While in college, I majored in Communications Arts- Radio and TV, worked as a campus disc-jockey, and performed in a few theater productions. Then I fell in love, got a full-time job, we married, and started a family. I put school on hold (my bachelor’s degree- came 20 years later). Eventually we moved to California to join the family real estate business. Then- I went from full-time to part-time work, enrolled in acting classes and went full-time into my acting career. Soon signed with 2 talent agents- one in San Diego, and one in L.A. By 2005 joined SAG, and in 2011- joined AFTRA and I continue to work and study the craft of acting and work to create new opportunities every day.

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