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visual artist and painter born in Czech republic,
based in Vienna since 2009

TiaToy videos are a mixture of figurative footages with own animations, 3d, video and motion graphic.
Sequences are later mixed live on stage with effects.
Every live visual is unique, based on live mixing with Livid Instruments.

2003 - 2007 visual project ctg37bikinidresscode
2008 - 2009 visual project scandalx

2009 till present TiaToy visuals

2009 till present active audiovisual project candy45, Vienna

2009 till present member of Concrete studio, studying and developing new visual
techniques, Vienna


1999 - 2009 handbag designer and creator, Atelier Viola, Czech republic. atelierviola.com/.

2000 - 2003 acryl paintings in Amsterdam and Roma, backdrops; influence by techno movement and comics .

2003 visual project ctg37bikinidresscode .
which was based on own videoshooting.
by Eyetoy camera (psx2) with tiatoy (that time under Tia Synthslut) .
like a vjmodel, with backround mixtures from videogames like Atari, Nintendo and Sega..


2008 - 2009 visual project SCANDALX

attacking video cinematik popart style. Inspiration by electronic dance music.
(newbeat,rave,eurodance,italo disco,jpop and elektro), japanese culture,american trash.
cinema,comics, adult movies, pop art, arcade systems and videogames..
Work contains: -EXPRESS YOURSELF Eyetoy own creation,include acting by vj model..
and Videocomplex Attraction Set - complex from underground adult cinema,.
jav(japanese amateur adult videos), dance clips and trash movies..
POPART PAINTINGS - original paintings by scandalx. Later separated to Tracy Ford.
paintings and Tiatoy visuals.


2010 project BUBBLES, Vienna

The Bubbles-Team: Tiatoy, H2 (concrete, kunstwerk) and Peter Pan (Electric Friends, XXX, Favorite Tools) .
an innovative monthly Nightclub happening in WUK-Foyer,Vienna.Fine audio-visual Performance for Dancefloor-Lovers with .
electronic and instrumental and vocal with main focus on live-acts, with changing guest-artists and performers, .
and Dj lineup.main goal was to establish a new club at international level, which gives a new.
innovativ impuls from vienna..
further it should create a plattform for more innovations - a kind of art-performing lab -which should create new concepts..


2009-present TIATOY VISUALS, Vienna

2009-present co-founder and member of CANDY45.

.. is an audiovisual perfomance collective, founded by tiatoy and h2 in 2009.

based on the rave-culture with two decades of experience in shamanistic craft and performance,
is our goal to set a new fusion style up, which shall combine elements of jazz, blues, rock and funk
with Acid-House/Techno/Tribal.
This new kind of cross-fusion prepares the space to deliver the message of candy45
- be awake - be aware and set free your ancient tribal roots...

our lyrics are pure shamanistic
or targeting global problems,
infatuations of our society and other messes.

all songs and lyrics are written and produced by candy45,
vocals: tiatoy, h2
"all the bits" and "21st century savage" - lyrics written and performed by simon carter (spiral tribe).

we want to thank everybody who is supporting this project (Jah, shiva and his son ganesha, pixlounge, andreas riedmann, markus kienzl, wolfgang schlögl, music austria, scm-style, peter riedl, and others) ______________________________________________


Lebemann und Hirn, Vienna.

01.08.2008 .



10.09.2007 Fact vs fiction Lisboa fest, video art festival, Lisboa, Portugal.
Ctg37 bikini dress code with visual artwork of Tiatoy.
26.11.2008 Bulva Fabula, club Roxy, Prague.
12.09.2008 Club Massiv, Mr.C, 10 years of Massiv, Vienna.
25.06.2009 Cafe Capital, Antwerpen, Belgium.
18.3.2010 Wuk lounge, Vienna.
07.05.2010 ClubX, Vienna.



19.12.2009 Planetarium, Vienna.
14.05.2010 Jacuzzi Wuk Lounge Bubbles, Vienna.
03.07.2010 BlueBox, Vienna.
17.7.2010 Bubblesvienna, Wuk Foyer, Vienna.
01.10.2010 Kolxoz, Lebemann und Hirn, Vienna.
05.05.2011 BlueBox, Vienna.
08.10.2011 Camera Club, Vienna.
22.11.2011 Panic Circus, Neudorf bei Parnd.
11.11.2011 Asiannight, S-Club, Vienna.
12.11.2011 BoomBox, Auslage, Vienna.
10.12.2011 TraumFabric, Vienna.
25.12.2011 promoclip for Asiannight, videocuting/3d animation.
30.04.2012 15 years of Dynamicrecords, Fluc, Vienna


booking info tiatoy : tiatoy@live.com
booking info candy45 : h2@sil.at

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