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Don't forget that tiConf 2014 is coming to New York, Amsterdam, Bangalore and more. Signup now at ticonf.org

tiConf was dreamed over late one night over Twitter, by a handful of developers who decided that it was probably about time Europe had its own Appcelerator developer conference to compliment CodeStrong in San Francisco. The first event was organised and run by Boydlee Pollentine from Tipsy & Tumbler Ltd, with the excellent help and local knowledge of Javier Rayon, and occured in Valencia, Spain at the end of February 2013. The first ever European tiConf was a great success, so much so that two more conference were organised and ran that year in Baltimore, Maryland US and Melbourne, Australia.

Putting on conferences is hard work - even with sponsorship the tiConf events are funded largely by ticket sales and are community focused events where everyone should feel included. This year, 2014, we want our events to be bigger and better than ever and we'll be spanning nearly every contintent on the globe.

If you would like to speak at any of our events, please email info@ticonf.org and send us a description about your talk and a bit of information about yourself. You should aim for your sesison to be around 30-40 minutes in length. We have an inclusive policy, so if you've never spoken at a conference before and want to give it a shot, please submit a session! We'd love to have more women speakers at our 2014 events too - we know you're out there somewhere!

The main sponsors of tiConf this year are Appcelerator, who have been generous partners and supporters from Day One, and tiConf is run and presented by Tipsy & Tumbler - a digital agency based in the United Kingdom with a strong focus on developing solutions with Titanium Mobile.

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