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illustrator and musician.

"A world of owls, snakes, tigers, smoke and boldly-rendered greenery, Lourenco's artwork merges the natural with a contemporary black-and-white graphic sensibility to make hard-hitting images that are hard to forget." JUXTAPOZ

"Impressive work!" JOSH SPEAR

"Great brush and indian ink on paper works" FECAL FACE

"Off the wall illustrations bring together skillful draftsmanship and beautifully surreal juxtapositions that bring to mind skateboard graphics and raymond pettibon" BEAUTIFUL/DECAY

"With the abundance of pop culture commentators and cartoonists on the web, it's often difficult to differentiate between them all, but Pedro Lourenco's signature style is definitely something that can't be missed" TREND HUNTER

"His ink work is simply fantastic!" ILLUSTRATOR'S LOUNGE

"Pedro's style is really great, using ink and occasionally some computer coloring to make some really rad images. I think it's is line work that really sells it though. The way each image ends up looking is like he didn't even try, that all the lines just knew exactly where to be. Excelent work." KITSUNE NOIR

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