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  1. Tony Moorman

    Tony Moorman PRO Cincinnati, Oh


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    Anthony spent two years at the University of Cincinnati before attending the New York Film Academy in 2001. He spent one year as a volunteer at the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Film Commission. Anthony worked as a Production Assistant from 2002 to 2007. Since then he's been working as a Grip/Electric…

  2. marshall arisman
  3. Like Knows Like

    Like Knows Like Plus Brooklyn, NY


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    Please Tip Jar and support this project! Like Knows Like is an ongoing short documentary film series about inspiring humans who have gained a significant following on the Internet. We’re meeting up with photographers, illustrators, designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and storytellers all over…

  4. Fred ⚡ Plan9 Entertainment

    Fred ⚡ Plan9 Entertainment Plus Paris


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    Independent author, publisher and producer based in Paris (France), owner of Plan9 Entertainment & ARTtitude, co-owner of TATTOOISME ...

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