Tigerlily Pistols

London town and beyond

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Newest EP, Rock at Rockets-The Lo-Fi Sessions and Remixes Out Now!
London Duo making Experimental Electro/acoustic Emotronic ArtRock
Members: Angel Ito-Vox/Music
Or Ayzen-Music
Additional Music and Remixes by Uri and Saam Dalal.
Tigerlily Pistols met in London in 2006-and have released a string of demos and singles-many off their Hooked on the Low Life Collection. They released their Debut EP in 2010 "We Are the Tigerlilies!" as well "The Hunger" single with 2 B-sides. Followed by the Requiem for a Fly EP 2011 and last 2012's Lynchian and beach inspired Neon Palm EP.
Rocks at Rockets EP-Fall 2013.

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