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Surfing Visions is the distribution part of the independent production house, Tim Bonython Productions p/l. 
Tim Bonython is an award winning cinematographer and director specialized in filming surfing and the ocean.
Where there is a swell, there would be Tim!
He has been chasing swells since 1978 when he took his first trip to Hawaii took him to the North Shore of Oahu with a Super 8 camera. Besotted with the big waves & visually one of the greatest sports Tim had set eyes upon. Surf films were his destiny.
His filmography includes over 20 surf films/ documentaries ( Water Slaughter, Strike Force, Hawaii Nine 0 to Hawaii Nine 7 - Gripping Stuff 1 & 2, Bodyboard films RAW 1 & 2 & Loaded, Snuff 1 & 2 (Lost in Space), Biggest Wednesday, Speed, Automatic, Download, award winning Blackwater, May Dayz, Sessions 1 & 2 (Slab Hunters), Multi-awards winning Immersion, and his latest one ENCODED.
Tim is a cameraman by trade. His latest filming tool, the Sony Cine Alta F5 and Sony FS 700.
Filming is a passion. Hope you enjoy our short films and latest releases.
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  • Surf Movie - We 've been producing and distributing surf movie for over 20 years
  • Big screen Tour - Australian Surf Movie Festival annual touring event showing surf movies on the big screen. The ASMF is a Tim Bonython initiative. This unique event has become a National event for all surf movie fans and ocean lovers since 2002


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