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  1. RetroWDW

    RetroWDW PRO New England


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    RetroDisneyWorld.com is dedicated to bringing you the best of early WDW. We focus on its conception, construction and operations up until 1988. Our website features over 3,000 photos and videos of now closed rides and past memories. Here on Vimeo we feature our ImageWorks department where we are restoring…

  2. Martins Videos

    Martins Videos Plus Manchester, UK


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    Since my first Walt Disney World visit in 1979 I was hooked on the parks and attractions, how they work and the detail and sheer scale of them. After following it for 5 years, I first got to EPCOT Center in 1987 – a park of special interest since it appealed to my love of computers and technology…

  3. hate5six

    hate5six Plus Philadelphia, PA


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    Documenting live music//bypassing commercialization. Please visit my site for more information. Live music and BMX: hate5six.com Weddings: love5six.com

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