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2012 The Year in Vimeo

scroll Illustration by Ian

January: Big Beginnings

mobile We launched the Android/Windows App 2.0. We went to Sundance sundance and then… x-games …we went to the Winter X Games.
We started 2012 with a bang by launching the New Vimeo.

February: For Lovers


Launched iPhone/iPad app 2.0

March: Stuff Happened

Something important might have gone down in March, but we can’t remember. Some of us took a few sick headers at Winter X, so maybe those are to blame. More likely we were just jamming on projects that would come out in April.

May: Way To Go, Us

We launched a new developer site. dev site
We introduced the Enhancer for Music.

June: The Best Fest Yet

The VFAs happened, son

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July: Lost In Translation

August: The Heat Was On

Dropbox + Vimeo Vimeo and Dropbox became BFFs 4eva.
Introduced musical composition on a man's pecs, delts, and triceps with the Old Spice Muscle Music video.
Mountain Lion We were integrationalized with OS X Mountain Lion. accent

September: Another Slammin’ Month

Creator Services We launched Vimeo Tip Jar and Creator Services, which help people make cashola by making great video.

October: More Like Rocktober

staff picks We rocked out with our new Staff Picks out.

November: Also Known As Movember

We launched a preview of our upcoming pay-to-view service so filmmakers can connect directly with fans and hawk their gorgeous cinematic wares.
iphone Vimeo for iPhone 3.0 was released making it easier than ever to use Vimeo while waiting in Black Friday lines.

We survived a hurricane. NBD.

December: One To Remember, Fondly

xbox Vimeo for Xbox was released.

Vimeo Staff: Top 12s of 2012

We also shared our favorite videos of the year.
Everybody who works here made a list!
apocalypse logo All this while the Mayan Apocalypse loomed over us.