Dec: The Gif That Keeps On Giffing

2013 was a pretty epic year for Vimeo, and the party isn't over
yet. Click on those cute little .GIF guys to see all the
crazeballs we got up to in the past 12 months.

Mar: Vimeo On Demand
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Vimeo revolutionized the realm of online video distribution
by building a totally open platform that allows creators
to sell their work directly to their audience.

Aug: Burrito-eating champion crowned

We dubbed Dan the burrito speed-eating king after he ate
an entire Chipotle burrito in a truly disgustingly
small amount of time. Talk about life skills.

Sep: Formal Friday
Mar: Radical profiling
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One of our highest priorities is making you, the Vimeo
member, look good. Real good. That's why we
took time to revamp our profile pages.

Feb: Oscar, the non-grouch

We interviewed Academy Award-winning Vimeo filmmakers.
Here's The Lost Thing by Harvie Krumpet,
winner for best animated short film.

Oct: #cookieparty

It may not have gone viral yet, but it will.
2014 is your year, Joe! Never give up.

May: Fly new mobile UI
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It's just as pretty as,
but pocket-sized.

Jan: Waltz of the Yellow Dwarf Star
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We came, we watched, we partied.
At Sundance 2013.

Oct: Vimeo: We Hire Owls
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To help you get the help you need, anytime and anywhere in the world,
we hired an extra-special crew of support specialists
and dubbed them Night Owls.

Aug: A perfect moment
Jan: Staff Pick Fav

by Kamel Films

Dec: Happy Hollandaise

Nearly all of us survived this year's
holiday party. Nick did not. RIP.

Feb: Selfies all day, every day
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We joined the Instagram. It's what the kids were doing,
and we're all kids at heart, even though some of us
are quite old and decrepit, so it just made sense.

Dec: 2013 Staff Favs
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All the people who work at Vimeo actually enjoy
watching videos. It's like we all chose to
work here or something. So weird.

Aug: 20 million registered members

One million people is a lot, but 20 million is a lot more. We were
amazed to see our community grow, and flower, and blossom
into the creative wondersphere it is today.

May: VimeOlympics
Aug: Staff Pick Fav

The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & 3/4
by Steve Baker

Mar: Staff Pick Fav

How To Live With Bed Bugs
by Future Machine

Oct: We got schooled
Jun: Stacks on stacks
Aug: One million likes on The Facebook!

One million likes for us,
one million LOLs for you.

Jun: We met Some Girl(s)

We struck our first exclusive Vimeo On Demand deal
with SXSW darling SOME GIRL(S), starring
Kristen Bell and Adam Brody.

Jan: More mouths to feed
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83 employees is a such an important milestone for
any burgeoning company to hit. We made it!

Jul: 200 million eyeballs!

That's 100 million people watching Vimeo videos each month,
all around the world. Assuming everyone has
two eyeballs, which isn't necessarily true.

Sep: Mark and Kawehi put foods in their mouths

Mark and Kawehi put foods in their
mouths and then they talked about it.

Apr: Vimeow
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We pawsed to reflect
on a purrfect day.

Oct: Boo.
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Andrea dressed as Weird Al dressed as Michael Jackson and Rebecca willingly drew a unibrow on her own face.

Mar: South By South WHAT
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Andrea, Blake, and Jeremy spoke on cool panels, Kerry hosted
a screening and Q&A, and we danced 'til we dropped at
our party co-hosted with the Barbarian Group.

Oct: Staff Pick Fav

by Public Record

Apr: Staff Pick Fav

OBEY THE GIANT - The Shepard Fairey Storey
by Julian Marshall

Aug: Salute your shorts (as in films)
Oct: Music Store gets a tune-up
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Music Store gets a tune-up.
We struck some deals and scored more jams for your videos.

Feb: A whole new Look
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The Enhancer got visual effects, so you can add mad
aesthetics to your vids. Because who doesn't
love a good makeover?

Jan: Bonjour, frau! Vimeo in French and German
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"Hi, France, and how are you?" "Good, Germany. Thanks so
much for asking." Oh wait, were we not supposed
to imagine their conversation in English?

Jan: Focus forward

We partnered with GE to support the Focus Forward
competition for filmmakers and give away
over $200,000 to creators.

Jun: Staff Pick Fav

La Huida - The Runaway
by Victor Carrey

May: First Ever Vimeo Jam

We stayed late and ran around the office dancing,
dying, and making toast. As Laura likes to say,
"Everything normal, always." Ya jelly?

Feb: Animate everything. Er, one thing.
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Who needs a .GIF when you can have a 'graph?
We happily welcomed the brilliant minds
behind Echograph into the Vimeo fold.

Oct: Vimeo PRO: Now with more power.
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We gave Vimeo PRO members tons more storage,
unlimited HD plays, and VIP support. Why?
Well, the thing is, we love them.

Oct: Help Center 2.0
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We revamped the Help Center.
Harry Potter portraits.
'Nuff said.

Oct: 33M unique visitors in the U.S.

America: land of the free,
home of the browsing.

Oct: RIP, Cheerios.
Apr: Vimeo <3 NY

A tribute to the city we live,
work, and get weird in.

Dec: #cookieparty part II
Jul: Staff Pick Fav

by Conor Finnegan

Apr: AA @ NAB

Andrea Allen went to Las Vegas to look at new
camera gear and dudes with ponytails.

Nov: Laboratory mysteries
May: 100 of us!
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Vimeo grew to 100.
If our employees were donuts, we'd be a box
of 100 donuts, and you can't resist.

Feb: Harlem Shaken

Our office is in Chelsea, not Harlem. But we can
never resist a good excuse for a dance party.

Oct: iOS 7, we're in heaven
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We teamed up with Apple to bake Vimeo into
iOS 7 and completely rebuilt our own
iOS app in the process.

Jul: We got a new couch
Sep: We got Glass'd
Nov: 400K subscribers -> 400 karaoke regrets
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Because no good deed goes unpunished, we celebrated
hitting 400K subscribers with an all-company,
piano karaoke blowout. Yikes.

Dec: Over 4,903,040,517 video plays

Man, that play button sure is a resilient little guy.

Feb: Staff Pick Fav

the Scared is scared
by Bianca Giaver

Jun: First Ever Staff Picks Cinema

A couple hundred close friends and Vimeans gathered
to watch some of the best works uploaded
to Vimeo in early 2013.

Dec: Over 5,903,772,169 pages views on

Billions and billions served.
We are so loving it!

Sep: Making it rain
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We offered filmmakers at the Toronto International Film Festival
$10,000 advances if they agreed to host their films on
Vimeo On Demand. Because we love them.

Oct: The Artist Was Present

Laura made
Halloween weird.

Dec: We have a problem?
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Vimeo peeps love pizza. Like, super non-platonically.
We consumed way more than the 1,536 slices ordered for
Staff Picks screenings, that's for sure.

Nov: Staff Pick Fav

by Rachel Antonoff

Oct: 135M unique visitors around the world

If all those people stood on each other's
shoulders, they would form a
very long pencil.

Jun: Mark and Dan ate pizza

Mark and Dan at pizza.
And then they talked about it.

Oct: Booyah, Vimeo + Ouya
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Kickstarter's video game console darling got itself
a Vimeo app. We couldn't be happier.

Jul: Let's do something amazing together
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Vimeo does cool things with other cool brands and we built
a cool page to show that aforementioned cool stuff. Also, we'll
sell you this page for 1 million bucks.

Jan: Red badge of caution
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We built a new way for creators to rate their videos
so viewers can choose what to expose
their eyeballs to.

Apr: Hello, Again

The Lincoln Motor Company launched films with
help from some of Vimeo's finest filmmakers.

Sep: Staff Pick Fav

Percussive Maintenance
by Duncan Robson

May: Vimeo + Film4

We forged a fabulous partnership up with Film4,
the wildly esteemed UK channel.

Jul: Twerking hard for the money

Apparently summer soirees
are a thing.

May: Staff Pick Fav

Made by Hand / No 5 The Bike Maker
by Made by Hand

Nov: Things got weird
Nov: Emily's Birthday Shirt
Oct: Player 2.0
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Hate the game, not the player.
Because the latter is totally awesome.

Oct: Bill's Halloween costume pic
Sep: Do not touch the talent.
Jun: Team Headband Headbangers
Dec: 4,000+ titles on Vimeo On Demand
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Over 4,000 titles on VOD.
That's enough runtime to last you until the cows come home.
We're really good at math and statistics and stuff.

Dec: 28 Weekend Challenges
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How many did you
participate in?

Jun: We made some nice trophies

Now Weekend Challenge winners are
richly rewarded with hefty hardware.

May: First Ever Hack Day
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Our devs love coding so much that they often build new products
and rebuild perfectly good ones just because. And because
they want an excuse to drink a million Redbulls.

Dec: Staff Pick Fav

LoopdeLoop DANCE PARTY - "In Fielder"
by Miro Belle

Sep: We dropped knowledge
Dec: Over 359 projects completed

Thanks, Basecamp!

Dec: Over 106 product releases

Our favorite is the HVAC
Transubstantiator 2.0.

Oct: Dumps like a truck
Oct: Ice 'round our necks
Dec: 1425 Weekend Challenge videos submitted

Haikus are awesome, so are weekend challenges,
now join Vimeo.

Dec: 13,000 members in the Weekend Challenge group
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13,000 members in the Weekend Challenge group.
They could easily start their own hamlet.

Oct: Over 22M registered members

We have so many long, awkward
hugs to give out.

Aug: Logorrhea
Aug: Touched by an angel
Mar: Go ahead, Google us
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Vimeo got on G+. That stands for Google Plus.
Google plus what? We dunno.

Sep: Cardboard jungle
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