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TimeScience develops innovative imaging and time-lapse technologies for scientific and educational applications.

TimeScience was founded in 2006 by Tim Brown and Christopher Zimmermann

Tim received his PhD in biology from the University of Utah in 2006. His graduate work, tracking and modeling army ant swarms in Costa Rica, stemmed from an interest in understanding how natural systems solve complex computational problems. Tim has been a technical adviser for an array of academic and artistic projects. Tim's photographs and video of army ants have been used in a wide range of publications and presentations. He has served as a scientific consultant for print and film projects on army ants; his photographs and video of army ants have been used widely in presentations and publications around the world.

Christopher received a bachelor’s degree in Physics at Wesleyan University in 1995. He has worked as a software engineer for home videogame consoles, e-commerce systems, and internet applications for more than 10 years. Parallel to his professional career in software development, Christopher creates video artwork. His work has been screened on Britains national television station and toured with the RESFEST digital film festival.

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