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London, UK

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TimeSlice Films are the pioneers of multi-camera array.

The company specialises in imaging real world moments and making cutting edge digital content using multi-cam technology.

TimeSlice Films offers these production services:

1) Free Viewpoint Media (FVM) - disruptive digital content. FVM displays interactive free viewpoint photo-real 3D renditions of people and objects on e-commerce and m-commerce platforms.

2) Live (LVE) - near realtime playback of multi-camera array content for coverage of live sporting & entertainment events. Rapid output makes LTA ideal for experiential marketing & brand activations.

3) VisualFX (VFX) - as both 'bullet-time' style sequences and 3D scanning using photogrammetry. Applications include the Film, TV & Games industries plus both lenticular & 3D printing.

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