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Tim Fehske, born in 1981, completed his master’s degree in the subjects Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Ethnology and Educational Science at the University of Cologne. The title of his master's thesis is Musikvisualisierung zwischen Reklame und Videokunst – Ist VJing ein Aufstand der Zeichen? [Musical visualisations from advertising to video art – is VJing a revolution of signs?]. At present, he is writing his doctorate on the topic of Digital Elite under the supervision of Professor Dr. Lutz Ellrich at Cologne University’s Institute for Media Culture and Theatre.

From 2010 to 2012 Tim Fehske worked at the Cologne Game Lab. Amongst other things he evaluated the demand analysis for the German games sector of the AIM Co-ordination Centre for Education and Careers in the Media (KoordinationsCentrums für Ausbildung in den Medienberufen).
As well as working on his degree, he made use of his capabilities in the areas of animation, film and video production as well as room settings, primarily in order to show videos on club screens and during other music events and to create stage designs for theatre productions.
Along with this line of work, he also gained experience in film productions and in agencies for interactive media and created interactive installations, video clips and animations for every domain on a freelance basis.
His interest for human-machine interfaces, real-time media and music is combined in his work as visual jockey and they are often the subject matter of his clip series, which he has produced since 2009 in cooperation with the Cologne music label Traum Schallplatten. Likewise, he is experimentally investigating the cross-over between the physical and virtual world in his ongoing project Leinwand = screen&canvas.

Since 2012 Tim Fehske has been teaching Visual Music Technology/Production at the Institute for Music and Media at the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media in Düsseldorf.

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