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Tim Gallaher is a San Francisco-based filmmaker and musician. For years he has combined music, film and storytelling, generating unique performances in which he accompanies his musical films and their recorded soundtracks with live narration and/or singing. Spoken word and absurd puppetry have often rounded out the shows in the past as well. He has performed his one-man multi-media show, Tim's Magic Lantern Show, throughout the SF Bay Area and parts of Canada, and his songs can be heard in such independent feature films as The Low Life, Tromeo and Juliet and April is My Religion. His song “Slip” is featured on the sound art compilation CD released in the spring of 2004, Project>Soundwave, and he has been a featured artist is Project>Soundwave 1 and 2 series live performance in San Francisco (2004 & 2006). In 2011, his short, “WHITELICK” screened at various underground and experimental festivals throughout the USA, including the MIX 24 NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, the Oakland Underground Film Festival, the ATA Experimental Film Festival and the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival. Having completed his most recent short film, “The Kaleidoscope”, in 2015, Tim is currently submitting it to festivals internationally.


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