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Tim Gorski is Director and Producer for Rattle the Cage Productions, a Florida 501(c)(3) nonprofit and Texas based Dandelion Project. He writes, directs and produces award winning stories. Tim’s first film Lolita: Slave To Entertainment received 9 Best Documentary awards, and 2 Best Investigative Reporting award in 43 festivals. Gorski was field-producer and lead cinematographer on At the Edge of the World, a cinema verite documentary following the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctica. At the Edge of the World was an official selection of the 2008 Toronto Film Festival, received Best Cinematography at Woodstock. Gorski is also an animal rescue specialist and undercover investigator of wildlife crimes. He has worked and filmed in the US, South America, Australia, Antarctica, India, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Taiwan, and Thailand.

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