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Seeking to be a good steward.

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I am a former geek now retired. I am in love with God's words and publishing about the inspired words of Genesis One on TheTruthLover.Org. That is when He made us all stewards of the life around us, even the life that doesn't want a steward.

Notice that the first good thing God gave this world was daylight, Genesis 1:5. Daylight reveals truth, powers life, and measures time, which means God's words alone provided lasting hope for all mankind during the first of the six daylights He describes.

I am also a lover of Liberty as defined by the Declaration of Independence, even liberty for people that others find scary or undesirable. The uniquely American Declaration is meant of course to institute all forms of government here, and has the unchangeable goal of securing the Creator endowed unalienable equal rights of mankind in the United States to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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