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Since I was in middle school I had the desire to create stories. I would write short novels, create universes for a character I had drawn and create multi volume comic books that I wanted to share with everyone I knew.

Finally I decided to take one of these stories and turn it into a film with a story I had written about an experience I had with a friend. This film was titled "Komfortably Numb" after the Pink Floyd song due to both of their drug influenced content. When it was done I knew I had created something great because at every screening the audience had a visible change through out the film. Expecting a cheesy comedy or low budget borefest they ended up with a dramatic experience that left many crying as they left the theatre. This emotional connection that I created through the screen excited me and I wanted to take this film further. As a last minute entry into the Pocono Mountain Film festival it took the crowd by storm and landed me my first commercial narrative feature "WishBone" - written by Michael Fasciana.

This film made me fall in love with the horror genera as well as the dramatic films I had been making and once it was done shooting I began working on another project that was close to my heart "Midnight Visit". This 45 min film combined the best of Drama and Horror.

Since "Midnight Visit" I have directed a slew of short films and one Television Pilot and am currently working with some associates to pave my way back into the role of Director on some more great dramatic horror films.

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