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Portrait Photographer Timothy Ignacio is known for creating desaturated color photographs of people from all walks of life. He learned to mix music and photography to create a perfect and interesting art.

Timothy was born in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, the first province in Southern Luzon, located 90 kilometers from the City of Manila. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, he opted to build his career along a completely different path. Coupled with his passion for music he pursued his calling and followed his dream. He was the first drummer of the band ammunition, a metal bands in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Without realizing that with his drumsticks, he carries his camera around in every gig.

At the young age of 2 years, he started singing songs he memorized from TV shows he watches everyday. He grew up playing with assortments of toys but with particular passion for two things: toy cameras and toy musical instruments. He was 4 years old when he got his first small version of a real acoustic guitar. He was 5 when he was literally begging from his parents to buy him a real Saxophone from Yamaha which he couldn't even carry let alone blow into. At 7 he received his keyboard. By then he was already a member of his school's Drum and Lyre Corps playing the lyre while keeping a close eye on the drums. At the same time, he got his first real Polaroid camera and started shooting his way to teen hood and adolescence.

He had a brief stint as an Executive Secretary in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in year 2000. The time when he spent nearly all his salary every month to buy new and more and more sophisticated cameras. That was when he realized what his true passions are...Photography and Music...

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