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Timothy Saccenti is a photographer and director living in New York city and working worldwide. As a photographer Timothy has created scores of portraits of pop musicians from Erykah Badu to LCD Soundsystem to Pharrell. He balances his pop sensibility via avant guarde print and music video collaborations with seminal experimental record labels including Warp Records and DFA. Additionally he has photographed and directed multiple commercial campaigns, including the mesmerizing and controversial “Playfaces” ps3 for Sony Playstation as well as acclaimed music promos for Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand, Battles, Animal Collective, Blond Redhead and Washed Out amongst others. In the fine art realm his solo show for the Diesel gallery in Tokyo, Japan, “The Garden” was a modern, twisted take on the creation story utilizing wall sized prints, sculpture and a short film. Recently the Japan Times described his work as “charting a classic quest for life's meaning within a sci-fi context”.

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