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Tim Patrick started programming in 1984 on his IBM PC Jr. and just never found a way to get away from Technology. Despite many years in school and degrees in Political Science, International Relations, and Economics it was his technology know-how that paid the bills and landed him his first job with one of the Big 3 Management Consulting firms. He helped AT&T Wireless outsource support operations and worked on the merger with Cingular Wireless. He found working on the most challenging problems offered the most reward: helping Microsoft formulate an Enterprise Architecture, Boeing define the process for building the 787, Dish Network rationalize its sales systems, and T-Mobile speed up daily processing of 20M+ customer bills. At the US Olympic Committee, Tim led teams to create world-class sport analytics systems, implement national-level digital campaigns, and bring innovation onto the competition field. The question he most frequently asks himself is “what’s next?”

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