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„... House music, which is strictly linked with the cultural aspects of the Berlin music scene.“ The artist name Tim Vitá consists of a combination of the real name and the intention: to live the love. The first release and therefore the debut is the Balkan song Balcania at the global highly respected UK House label Cr2 Records. Working intuitively with a carefully selected and continuously current music variety constitute for Tim Vitá a basic requirement behind the decks. Since the last five years he developed through previous projects a fine sense to interpret the audience interests and pleasing convey own impressions.
In 2011 he released his first EP called Cultural Hoop on the berlin based label Hula Hoop with remixes by the duos Bara Bröst and Kotelett & Zadak. Currently Tim Vitá is working together with friendlies artists like M.in (Desolat), Oliver Gehrmann (OFF) and also Bara Bröst (BBE) for groovy House music.

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