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Updates December 2013
Hi all, I forgot to log into my Vimeo for a long time and found many unread messages sent to me all these while! I am extremely sorry that I didn't reply sooner, I'm not quite sure how to respond to them all as it's been such a long time.
It would be better if you could email me instead at tingtey ( ) gmail.com instead in the future. :(
Sorry again.

Updates September 9th 2011
Hi all, I apologize for the delay response to all the messages I have gotten. I am in the middle of moving and also dealing with a lot of real life matters. Thus I am unable to respond as soon as I could. Please do not hesitate to send me multiple emails, prompting for a reply if it is urgent! :)

Thank you so much though for dropping by! I hope you enjoy my videos, and I also appreciate all the comments/ critiques etc!

Best regards,
Ting Tey.

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