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I once heard an odd analogy comparing artists to bugs. The gist of the comparison is that you can never quite quantify a creative community because all the talented individuals are hiding under rocks. Tiny Attic Productions started as a collaboration between Paul Mossine and myself in Columbia, Missouri. We began simply by brainstorming and bringing our cameras everywhere. When that relationship began to transpire from a mere stock pile of ideas and raw footage into finished videos, the response was incredible. Artists emerged from under their rocks. We are now working with a variety of musicians, filmmakers, photographers and visual artists to achieve a collective vision. But the collaboration reaches further than our hometown. We are networking with individuals around the globe because the reality is, we live in a time that allows us to create communities that never before would have been able to exist. Harnessing that collective brainpower, energy and creativity is the key to unlocking humankind's potential. As our small production company grows, we hope to encourage more individuals and groups alike to take a step towards a better future, even if the first step is tiny.

-Chelsea Myers

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