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User Bio Casting Director & Audition Expert, Amy Jo Berman has been a powerful influence and tastemaker in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years. During her time as Vice President of Casting at HBO for 14+ years, Amy has overseen the casting for well over 150 films, mini-series and series, and her casts have won countless Emmy and Golden Globe awards. In addition to her eye for talent, taste and finesse in business, Amy has a unique gift for working with actors and extracting performances of which even they didn't know they were capable. Using her years of technical audition experience from the Casting room, as well as her intuitive skills in seeing exactly what blocks each individual actor from their own success, Amy has helped thousands of actors with her tele-classes, private coaching, workshops and seminars. She is the founder of Audition Polish, a membership-based audition coaching program that has helped actors around the globe nail their auditions on the first take in only 20 minutes. Stay in touch with Amy by getting on her private email list here:

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